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Oven Maintenance Checklist: Is Your Oven In Good Nick? 

Posted: September 03, 2018

Like a well-worn carpet or battered family car, ovens can be subject to all sorts of abuse over the years which is why it’s a good idea to give it a once over every now and again, just to ensure that it’s working to its best ability.

Take a look at this quick checklist to see if your oven is in good working order, or if it’s in need of a bit of TLC:

Check your oven seal is still in tact

The rubber seal that lines your oven door keeps the heat contained and maximises your machine’s efficiency. There are a few clues that your oven seal might be in poor shape: you might find that your oven is struggling to heat up or, (a bit more obvious) the knobs on your oven could be melting as the heat escapes the top of your oven! If you find either of these issues then it’s a good idea to get your oven seal replaced.

Give your oven a good clean

Although we’re always peering into our ovens to look at our food we rarely pay attention to the oven itself. Over time all sorts of detritus can build up on the sides and bottom of your oven, you’ll most likely notice when the dirt has reached crisis point when smoke begins issuing from it whilst it’s pre-heating. You could hire someone to do the job, or you could save some money and buy a good strong oven cleaner to give your whole oven (including the racks and trays) a good soak yourself.

Pull it out and clear the decks

Have you ever accidentally flipped a bit of food into the space behind your oven? Ever lost a plastic chopping board or utensil down there too? It can be easy to forget about these things whilst you’re in the midst of cooking, so don’t be too surprised to find a whole world of lost treasures behind your oven when you pull it out. Always be careful when doing this – if you’re unsure about how to do this then it’s best to hire a professional to help. Once you’ve done so you can properly clean this area and rescue any long lost friends whilst you’re at it.

Calibrate your oven temperature

Over time the thermostat in your oven can become impaired which can prove to be quite troublesome especially when you’re trying to pull off a big roast dinner, or get down and dirty with a complex bake. Use an ovenproof thermometer to check the actual temperature of your oven, if it’s struggling to hit the mark then it’s possible you could have a problem with your element or seal. But if it’s shooting way over the set temperature you can almost guarantee that your thermostat is busted.

Replace your cooker hood filters

You might stick your cooker hood extractor fan on each time you cook, but have you ever taken any time to assess if it’s doing a good job? It’s recommended that you replace the filter  in your cooker hood at least once every few months, if you use your oven more than once a day then it’s likely that you’ll need to make this change more frequently. You’ll be able to tell that your filter needs replacing if cooking smells are hanging around after you cook, or you can simply unscrew the cover and take a look for yourself!

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